About MBBD & our philosophy


As the first agency of it’s type in Australia, MBBD has consistently created trends in retail and hospitality industry and has remained at the forefront of major hospitality developments producing creative designs for major developers throughout Australia and overseas. 

Founded in 1986 by Mary Brandon, and based in downtown Sydney, the firm specialises in a wide array of project types from High-End Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants and Food Precincts. Crafting a unique narrative and strategy for each client is fundamental to MBBD’s successful design approach. From the big picture to the last detail, the story informs and drives the design architecture.

MBBD is a multi-disciplinary design firm that integrates architecture, interior architecture, conceptual design, master planning, presentation renderings, graphic design, branding and trademark design for hospitality & retail projects.

We believe we are fundamentally different to Interior Designers. We have been dealing specifically with F&B and retail for a very long time and bring to our clients the optimum in Form and Function to create sound, functional and operational spaces.

At MBBD, we are committed to creating unique designs. We understand the changing needs of the client and strive to create the perfect luxurious hospitality environment. From a projects inception to the realisation of a dream, MBBD brings to life a vision to create an easily identifiable and welcoming statement.

MBBD’s success lies in the fundamental and total integration of planning, conceptual vision, operational requirements, sustainable responsibility, design and graphic design. We seek to extend the boundaries of design that appeals to the emotions and the mind.

Further to this, we look and plan ahead for increasing site functions to maximise sales, which in turn maximise rents, which flow from a dynamic destination space.

MBBD provides cutting edge international design skills, intrinsically merged with wide industry knowledge and realisation required to deliver projects of the highest international calibre.

The seamless synergy of craftsmanship, technology, and design is reflected in environments that combine handmade objects, high-end technology and custom fixtures and furniture.

key people

Mary Brandon

Mary Brandon founded MBBD in 1986. For over 25 years she has steered MBBD through the changing landscape of Hospitality & Retail Design to become recognised as a specialist in the field.

During her career Ms Brandon was able to share her wealth of experience with other industry professionals whilst she lived and worked in New York designing for major international Luxury Brands.

Having worked in commercial property developments, Ms Brandon is well positioned to be able to deliver projects at the highest level required. Her expertise goes beyond that of a design role but more as an expert in the delivery of Mixed-Use, Retail and Food & Beverage precincts.

Anya Kostromina

Anya is a senior interior designer, a problem solver, a highly motivated individual specialising in retail and hospitality design on large-scale projects.

Anya has had a variety of relevant professional experiences and freelance work in the capacity of an interior designer, a stylist, a documenter as well as being a part of the Production & Design team at Merivale.

Chris Brandon

Chris is a registered architect who has worked for a number of Australia’s leading Architecture practices on a range of residential, commercial, retail and education projects.

Chris is dedicated to the production of architecture that is highly responsive to its context and that forms a connected relationship with its landscape.  Through investigation and interrogation of each project, Chris seeks to achieve innovative yet pragmatic design outcomes.  Chris takes a hands-on approach to architecture and sees the engagement with the building site crucial for a well-crafted, beautiful building outcome.

Chris is interested in interior and furniture design and sees architecture and interior design as being intimately connected.