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Throughout the years MBBD has developed a great experience and is now ready to give it to you, as an exclusive consultancy service of the big picture of the commercial sector and shopping centres.

We develop strategies, services and visions for your project, we create and design new concepts to meet the trends in the upcoming decades and evolving customer expectations. Yet the strategies we create are transparent to the end client, your customer.

What used to be the dominant formula for retail, department store and shopping centre environment has become the obsolete in just a decade. Nowadays if bricks-and-mortar retail shopping centres and malls are to succeed they have to evolve into a new experiential model.

The customer has become the grounded consumer, they have a different value equation, with that in mind, shopping destinations need to change to continue to attract consumers. For merchants, the retail is now perceived as entertainment rather than simply as commerce.

For shopping centres - entertainment, dining, social interaction and other leisure destinations, once of minor significance are now essential parts of the mix to create a unique and appealing sense-of-place as well as means to generate traffic.

As the trend continues, shopping malls are merging in the out-of-home entertainment, dining and destination leisure business as much as in the store leasing business. The successful malls and shopping centres of the 21st Century will be run by pacemakers, not landlords.

The improvement of our clients’ business performance, their customer experience, and customer expectations.
— Our promise for over 25 years

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