Design Hotels | Vol. 005 / by MBBD


Amidst an increasing materialistic world, various psychological studies are showing that people are happier when their money is spent on living, rather than on having. These studies are also confirming the inverse to be true, that when people become more materialistic, their emotional wellbeing takes a hit. Consumers today are broadly catching on to the notion that greater happiness comes from what you feel, see, and remember – than from what you own - and are seeking out immersive, authentic, and unique travel experiences in favour of the latest gadget.

To satisfy this desire for unique experiences, more and more travellers are turning away from austere, traditional chain hotels and seeking out the new wave of buzzing, social, and unique design hotels. Since the first design hotels sprang to life in the 1980s, when Ian Schrager opened the landmark Morgans, and Royalton Hotels, both in New York City, the concept has continued to grow and evolve to harmoniously combine great design, cutting-edge operation, and world-class service. In simplistic terms, design hotels are bridging the gap between the consistencies of traditional, chain hotels and the unique, local experience of staying in an Airbnb. rough recent travels, MBBD has observed the growing trends in design hotels, which we will discuss in the series of upcoming blog posts. So stay tuned!

Wythe Hotel NYC