Design Hotels

Design Hotels | Vol. 009 by MBBD

Our third and final Case Study is on the beautifully unique Les Bains in Paris, France. We touch on the design and the operational elements which make this hotel stand out from the crowd and make it one of our personal favourites. Follow on to read the full article.

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Design Hotels | Vol. 008 by MBBD

We continue to present you our Case Studies of some of the most successful design hotels worldwide. Today we are looking closely at Alex Hotel in Perth, WA. We are depicting the principles, and the unique offer Alex Hotel created to stay at the forefront of their industry. Read more on our blog..

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Design Hotels | Vol. 006 by MBBD

Desiring for unique experiences, more and more travellers are turning away from austere, traditional chain hotels and seeking out the new wave of buzzing, social, and unique design hotels. MBBD has observed the growing trends in design hotels, which we are discussing in the current series of blog posts. Read on to get the full scoop!

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