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Due to globalization, advanced technology and Internet, retailers can easily market and sell products and services worldwide. In saying that, they should still have physical presence encompassing Interior Design and packaging.

Success lies in a sensitive balance between the two, streamlining service and logistic, and provide a true and seamless experience to the desired clients, whether they are online or offline.

Online exposure brand images can be carried across more rapidly. Social networks allow not just a single way of communication, where brands feed information to the audience, but having viewers participating simultaneously. Retailers have to reintroduce the social experience in a retail environment. They are searching for more holistic approach to design, which integrates branding, interior architecture, graphic and trademark design.

However the biggest task is to transform the department store into a life style store.

Re-define what we’ve come to know as the department store, utilize the diverse products that department stores offer and creating a life style based shopping experience rather than brand orientated. Driven by the modern trend of mix-&-match, new department stores encourage cross-shopping, and promote fine selections of Unique products.

To ensure the continued survival and success of department stores, one much differentiate themselves from all types of competitions. Ultimately, the key to survival lies in how department stores portray themselves and connect to their customers, by applying new concepts and services that will encourage customers’ social experience within the store, energizing existing services, promote new ones and integration of new technology. 

Successful Retail is no longer a static, physical based operation, but a cohesive mix of services, social experiences, interaction and enjoyment.

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